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At Teas and Bees, we believe sustainability is a goal that everyone should strive towards.  As a small business we are trying to do our part by practicing the three principles of Reduce, Re-use, or Recycle with as many materials as possible. When looking for materials for packaging we strive to find ones that meet one of the three R’s which can mean using lighter materials (to reduce the materials and carbon footprint during shipping), or products that are made of re-cycled material (to reduce virgin material use).  If we can’t do that, we try to find materials that can be recycled after use to minimize waste impact. 


To help contribute to our goals, we have created a honey container refill program.  This program practices two of our principles of reduce and re-use.  By refilling your jar, you reduce the need to purchase another jar and you re-use the jar you currently have.  Find out more about our refill program and requirements here.

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