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Honey Container Refill Program

At Teas and Bees, we believe sustainability is a goal that everyone should strive toward.   To help everyone with that goal, we  created the honey container refillable program. Our refill program is a great way to help reduce waste, buy local, and save money.

To qualify for the refilling program and ensure the safety and quality of the honey, the following conditions MUST be followed:

  • Only Teas and Bees 250g and 500g jars with metal lids can be refilled

  • Jars must be not chipped, cracked or compromised in any way.

  • Metal lids must be clean and have no rust or dents

  • Jars and lids must be washed with hot, soapy water (either by hand or by dishwasher) and thoroughly rinsed 

  • Jars and lids must be completely dry and free of water prior to filling


There is no deposit charged on our jars and we can’t accept jars for recycling.

For safety reasons, we have the right to refuse to fill any jars which we do not deem acceptable.

To download a copy of our Honey Container Refill Program, click on the pdf icon


Thank you for your support!     

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