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The Farm

The Teas and Bees farm is located in the Township of Tyendinaga, near Roblin, Ontario (Canada). The farm covers approximately 40 acres which is made up of forest, apple orchard, fields and a creek.

The forest consists of deciduous and coniferous trees, including the maple and walnut trees that are tapped  to craft our small batch syrup, while the apple orchard is in a state of re-growth.  Many critters, including the bees, birds, squirrels and chipmunks happily use the trees for food and shelter. Our hay fields are loaned out to a local farmer who uses the hay for feed of his livestock (mainly cows).

Running through a portion of the farm, the creek is a hub of activity at different times of year.  Various kinds of wildlife use the creek, including fish. Last year, a beaver built a dam and seems to be happily residing in the creek. In previous years, otters were seen but they have not returned. We're hoping they come back soon!

All of our beehives are located on our farm.  The products from the hives are used to make the honey, soaps, candles and other products that are available on Teas and Bees. And our garden is used to grow herbs that are used in the teas and soaps.

Our Principles

At Teas and Bees, we walk softly on this earth and try to leave the land in as good (or better!) health than when we received it. 

As such, no insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are sprayed or used on the farm.  The best way to describe the farm is “Natural” while other people have referred to the farm as "Non-certified Organic". 

The garden is supplemented with compost that is generated from the everyday activities. To make the compost, fruit and vegetable scraps, leaves, and ash from our wood burning furnace and syrup production are added. Only trees which have either come down during storms, or are a hazard to the structures or utilities, are cut and used for products, heating, and cooking of the maple and walnut syrups.

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