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Herbal Eye Masks

What are Herbal Eye Masks?

Herbal eye masks are eye masks filled with re-fillable paper sachets of herbs.  The herbal sachets are placed between the two layers of the mask making it comfortable to wear.  The masks are sewn by "Its Sewn Right" of Tweed, ON and are made of cotton fleece, satin, and comfort elastic so that they don't shift when resting or sleeping.  The herbal sachets are made on the Teas and Bees farm and by using the paper sachets, the herbs do not spill or shake out and can be re-freshed easily for best results.   

How to use Herbal Eye Masks

Unwrap the eye mask from the cellophane paper and place the elastic band around your head so that the eye mask comfortably sits over your eyes.  The eye mask can be used anytime day or night.  The mask can be used at room temperature or can be used cool by placing in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.  Do not freeze or heat the eye mask as damage to the elastic and herbal sachet may occur.  For best results, keep the eye mask in a sealed bag and change the herbal sachets every three to six months depending on amount of use.

Eye masks can be washed. Remove the herbal sachets and wash in warm to cool  water with  gentle soap.  Rinse well and remove excess water with towel. Hang dry.

Sizing of Herbal Eye Masks

The eye mask fits a head circumferemnce of 55 cm (21.5 inches) and stretches to 70 cm (27.5 inches).  Larger sizes are available by request. Please contact us requesting larger size and specify head circumference. 


black coloured eye mask
red coloured eye mask
gold coloured eye mask


Pure Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) flowers are included in the herbal eye mask. A great way to relax and


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