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Teas and Bees started as a confluence of two interests between Peter and Marian.  Peter had always been interested in honey bees and beekeeping and Marian in using natural grown ingredients. She wanted to use the knowledge passed down from her mother in the use of natural ingredients for better health. 


In 2011, the two concepts came together as Teas and Bees.

Over the years the ideas grew and so did our desire to purchase a homestead where we could keep our bees and grow our own natural ingredients.  In 2013, we purchased a small farm where we keep our bees and started a large garden. We were fortunate to have sugar maple trees on our property so started tapping the trees and making maple syrup and maple sugar for friends and family. 

We started out just making gifts for friends and family and as word got out and we would get questions like “Do you sell your honey?  Do you sell your maple syrup? or Where can I buy the teas?”.  We would always say no,  we did not sell our products as we did not produce enough to sell.  But as more and more requests came in, we started to harvest a little more and now have enough to offer for sale.  We are still very small but feel by staying small we stay true to our love of the land. 

Our honey products, maple syrup and some of the tea ingredients come from our farm. Where we can’t grow ingredients or make products due to climate or soil conditions, we source what we believe is the best for us, our family and you.  We purchase only from suppliers with the same belief and commitment.  We hope you appreciate and love the products you buy.  

If you have any questions or comments about the products, how they are made or our farm, let us know as we would love to hear from you.

Best wishes and enjoy,

Marian and Peter

bar containing bees and honeycomb
winter scene with barn
maple trees with sap buckets
field covered with frost
covered shelter with boiling sap
bee on top of flower blooms
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