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100 % Pure Honey

The honey we provide comes from the hives located on our farm. The bees forage freely around our farm and beyond, gathering nectar and pollen. 


In the late spring and summer, we collect the frames of honey from the hive - leaving some frames for the bees to eat throughout the year.  The frames are then spun (using centrifugal force) to remove the honey from the frames.  The honey is filtered to remove large materials such as wax and bee parts. The honey is then checked for grade and colour and then packaged and labelled at our farm.  


Our honey is not heated or pasteurized.  Therefore you may see some crystallization of the honey upon storage.  This does not affect the flavour or essence of the honey. 


If you prefer the honey to be in liquid form, place the honey jar in warm water (do not submerge), stirring occasionally until all the honey crystals are dissolved.  The honey can be gently heated but  overheating the honey can diminish the honey's natural flavour).  Note: Avoid microwave use to de-crystallise the honey, as it may destroy the beneficial enzymes and affect the flavour of the honey.

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