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Honey Pack (2 x 500 g) Collection

Honey Pack (2 x 500 g) Collection


Pure and all-natural, our busy bees craft this delicious honey on the farm near Roblin, Ontario.

Select from our collection of Ontario #1 honey.  

  • Golden - slightly spicy wildflower taste 
  • White - delicate wildflower taste
  • Creamed - hand-creamed smooth 
  • Cut Comb - chunks of honey comb surrounded by raw honey (Sorry, not currently available)

Each jar contains 500 grams.

  • Granulation and Crystallization

    All pure honey will solidify or granulate over time.  Our honey is unpasteurized and will solidify. This does not affect the flavor or essence of the honey. If you would prefer the honey back in liquid form, place the honey jar in a pot of warm water (do not submerge). Stirring may be required.

    Note: Avoid microwave use to liquify honey, as it may destroy the beneficial enzymes and affect the flavour of the honey.

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